called out.

So my mother taught me to be polite. To treat others with respect, to hold door open for ladies, etc.

And while I do have to work at it, I can, if I pay attention, resemble a gentleman.

So the other day, I am at the bank, and as I reach the door, shortly behind me come two women, Remembering the lessons momma taught me, I hold the door for the closer one, who looks at me and says”I am perfectly capable of opening a door myself”.

Mmmm, okay.

The second woman, older than her, comes up behind both of us and looks at the first one and says”You are a bitch, why can’t you be polite? “… went though the door I was still holding (I was kinda in shock to hear another woman call the first one out on her rudeness)…. Said to me “thank you” and went into the bank.

I followed her and pulled the door closed in the face of the first one.

2 thoughts on “called out.

  1. Yep. There are some good ones still out there who will tell the bad ones how it is.

  2. One of the very best things about being me is that I can almost always cropdust on demand.

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