Has anyone else noticed

That since the We Wanna Take Everyone’s Scary Guns Away crowd has more or less given up until the next legislative group comes in at the end of 2014, that the number of mass shootings by heavily drugged psychotic individuals has dropped to …well…..zero? No more Adam Lanzas with a long history of mental illness and drug treatment or James Holmes and Jared Laughners that had serious mental illness but somehow were unreported and allowed to purchase firearms and go on a rampage.

Odd that, isn’t it??

Now I’m not one for tinfoil helmets (shiny side out please) and I hate to think that there would be a group that wants to disarm us so bad that they would sacrifice innocent people and children  and a US Senator just to make their agenda move forward but..Hell Yes I think that.  Since the gun control legislation went down in flames, there hasn’t been a mass shooting of any note. And those who have tried to commit such atrocities since then were, strangely, not long term users of psychotropic drugs.

Odd that, Innit?

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