Biased news

Watching the news this morning, I see that the media is still condemning Israel for targeting sites in Gaza that shoot missiles into Israel.

Oddly enough, when these missiles are shot from areas where there are civilians (which is nearly always), then the return fire damages the civilians homes.Sometimes the Israeli airstrikes hurt other people as well.

No one points out that:

 1. History shows being anywhere near the area where Hamas is shooting missiles is bad for your health…the smart person leaves home when Hamas shows up and begins setting up their missile tubes.

2. Israeli civilians are targeted by Hamas missiles.

3. Strangely, Israel doesn’t shoot or bomb into Gaza when there isn’t anyone shooting at Israel.

Instead, the reporters, generally female and with a quasi British accent, mournfully (while breathlessly narrating) show the damaged concrete boxes  apartments and injured “Palestinian” children and families….and never blame the folks that start this mess…the Hamas nissileeers.

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