So next time a cop intimidates or frightens me…

Can I put 4 in his chest?

If this police officer is in any way exonerated, is not charged with manslaughter (at least) and doesn’t serve prison time, then I see no barrier to shooting the next cop who makes me nervous (or anyone else for that matter). Next time a cop makes any suggestive move, or places his hand on the butt of his firearm (even if it stays in the holster) then I can make my move and shoot him, just so that I can be safe and go home to my family at night. (and no, I don’t intend to start shooting anyone, police officers or civilians…)

Look at the video. There is NO WAY that the cane can be construed to be any type of firearm. You can see it even in the crappy dashcam video….The officer should have been able to do so as well.

The York County Sheriffs office claims that Officer Knox followed procedure for a situation like this.

Whose procedure? Who approved of shooting people when there is no immediate threat? (Yeah, I know, they are gonna claim that he perceived a threat….but is that statement justifiable?) 

‘Cause if it is than My procedure is gonna lead to me defending myself from a lot more possible threats.

If the police are that afraid of every person they interact with, then they shouldn’t be police officers, shouldn’t have the right to carry a firearm, and shouldn’t be in any position of authority.

This officer killed attempted to kill a 70 year old man for no reason…….no matter what the department claims.

Yes, this is a tragedy. Mistakes were made…I got that. But it is still murder attempted murder. 

I’m sorry for the officer, but he should be in prison.

If it were you or I, that is where we’d be. And rightly so.

*Original reports were that the elderly man had been killed. subsequent reports say that the man is alive and expected to survive. Post updated accordingly. Instead of murder, it is attempted murder. Still think jail time is appropriate*

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  1. Luckily, the citizen survived. The government employee fired off six rounds, with no thought as to what was behind his target and no clear identification of his target, and only hit his target once. He missed five times and endangered anyone on the other side of that truck and the passenger.

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