Folding on the Internet

Although this has been promoted by mostly Europe the rest of the world for many years, it appears that the US is going to give up control of the internet as we know it. 

Do we really want that? As much business as we do over the web, do we want a bunch of Europeans  with anto American complexes (see also: Brussels) having control over the internet as we know it? Having the ability to change, deny or otherwise mess with Domain Names and such?

Is this a good idea? I don’t think so. Handing over control of something the US invented, and that the US has controlled in a benign manner from the beginning to a bunch of other countries who may not have our (or others) interests at heart is not a good idea.

Let ’em start their own brand of internet if they wanna control it.

4 thoughts on “Folding on the Internet

  1. Unfortunately, after the NSA's shenanigans, no other nation is prepared to trust the US government or a US entity with control of the Internet any longer.

    I don't blame 'em.

  2. And they are welcome to start their own 'net. One that they control.

    And I don't blame 'em for not trusting the NSA either.

    But I don't think that handing over control of the internet is a good idea.

  3. I think you'll find that Sir Tim Berners Lee (a Brit like myself) spearheaded or 'invented' the web or internet. Don't be so paranoid 🙂

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