So: A choice

In the upcoming days, Chris Christie gets to make a choice:

Show everyone that his “Republican” and “Conservative” persona is true…..or not.

He will either veto the legislation passed recently that would limit any firearms magazine to10 rounds, with no recourse for those who already own firearms which exceed this capacity, no grandfathering of existing firearms. (this includes a boatload of .22 rifles).

Or he won’t veto it, thereby making sure that we all know his stance…and the fact that he ISN’T what his supporters claim he is (We all know he isn’t, but this will prove it to anyone who isn’t sure) and alienate the gun owners of this country…who vote.

So, Chris: What is it gonna be? Do ya wanna move up to try for the Presidency? Or do you want to remain at the Governor level for the rest of your career?

(While it would be bad for the folks in New Jersey, I hope he signs the bill, thereby effectively dropping out of the race for President in 2016…And hey, the folks in NJ are getting the representatives they voted for, right?)