But if they had come in over the southern border…


And if they spoke Spanish….

German Home Schooling family faces deportation after supreme court denies hearing

So a German family flees to the US because they are persecuted by the German Government due to the fact that they choose to homeschool their kids rather than place them in State schools..

They apply for asylum here in the US in 2010. THEY DO EVERYTHING LEGALLY.

They have another child here in the US….(“Anchor Baby”?)

The Obama administration changes their minds after initially granting them asylum on grounds of religious persecution.

ICE changes their mind in 2012. Tells them they have to leave.

They appeal.

Supreme Court chooses not to hear the case.

Now, I wouldn’t bring this up, except that there are THOUSANDS of Mexicans who ILLEGALLY entered this country and who were caught after spending YEARS here who have NOT been deported….who are encouraged and allowed to stay here…..even though they entered and stayed illegally….and whose cases are being ignored by ICE and other relevant agencies.

Double standard?

I see this as a human rights issue….they are being persecuted and fined for not sending their kids to the State approved schools in Deutschland ….

If we let all the illegals stay, then we should let these people stay. They, at least, did everything legally and are, by all reports, model citizens.

Not so with some of the other cases.

But they are, apparently, not brown enough.

Perhaps they should learn to speak Spanish. Maybe move to California or Arizona….Or Chicago.