An offer to those folks in Connecticut and New Jersey

or at least the first 50 or so to take me up on this:

If you can find a legal way to get your “Assault Rifle” and or High Capacity Magazines or other banned (but previously legal)  firearms into my hand, I will offer storage in a safe, controlled environment. They will be stored in the same environment that my personal firearms are stored in

Insurance against fire and such is still up to you.

You can come and visit them at any time with a bit of notice. We even have decent ranges fairly close by so you can exercise them.

This is not an offer of storage forever, but only until you can either get the law repealed or move out of the state to a more congenial environment.  I should be at this location for at least another 2 years….

Email me for other details.

Jut tryin’ to help.

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