For some reason it didn’t post on Friday…..

Is *YOUR* church BATF approved?

Let us never forget that on Feb 28th,1993 the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms chose to attack a peaceful compound of religious “fanatics”.

This ultimately ended, 51 days later, with the death of 76 men women and children..

Look up the details yourself, Wikipedia has part of the story. Take the time to learn more.

What it ultimately comes down to is, that much like the Randy Weaver saga, the government departments (and individuals therein) went Way too far, and when people resisted, they brought the full weight of the Federal government down upon those unfortunate to be in the crosshairs. People who resisted died because they were targeted by rouge, undertrained, and unsupervised agents of the Federal agencies.

The fact that these events happened is bad enough. THe fact that these agents and their supervisors and THEIR supervisors were, essentialy, unpunished.

And WE as a nation allowed the events to happen, watching breathlessly on TV as events unfolded….And we let these agents get away with, essentially, murder.

Think about it.

And we are allowing such things to happen again….Think Fast and Furious. If you don’t know what I am referring to, Google “Operation Fast and Furious”….

If you aren’t angry yet, you should be.

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