Would you have the guts?

To give your name and then declare:

“I will NOT comply”.

(money quote starting about 6:28)

I think that if the Connecticut boys in blue choose poorly that there will be a real mess.

Randy Weaver got screwed because he was alone and isolated.  No one to help. By the time we all saw what was happening, they had the situation nailed down.

What will happen  if you are in Connecticut when you see your neighbors home besieged by the police…..Or hear a noise at night and see the SWAT team stacked up outside his door?

You know you are gonna be next.

So either you run (or hide) or take a stand. Stand on principles or watch your neighbor taken down….Live louse or ….?

Which will you choose?

There are more gunowners than cops to take them away….but alone you will fall….

You can make a difference when they are at your neighbor’s door…you are in their rear….they aren’t looking at you…

When enough don’t come home, they’ll get the message.

Will you take a stand? Remember, body armor…Aim high or aim low….

I fear that for our brethren in Connecticut, the time is coming when they will have to choose.

And I don’t think anyone is gonna like the outcome. 

I am SO glad I live in Indiana and won’t, for the near future at least, have to make such a decision. 

6 thoughts on “Would you have the guts?

  1. Problem is they won't surround a house or form a raid. They will wait and pick each person up quietly when they get stopped for a speed ticket or something. They will stop the sale of firearms and slowly squeeze em out one by one in the shadows.

  2. PP:

    You'd think that, but that isn't how things worked at Waco or at Ruby Ridge.

  3. Compared to this Waco or RR were very isolated incidents with little potential for escalation. They will handle this situation the way they always have with mass effect type laws.

  4. If they try to do these confiscations "one here, one there" style, numerically speaking, they never will get enough to matter.

    Just as they has the chance with Jose Guerena (in Puma County, Az) to pick him up as he left work, they chose to storm his home and kill him…. because they could.

    They've all been trained (as documented the last several years) to go house to house and use these jackbooted Gestapo style raids to accomplish their missions.

    You can also tell from recent videos, and various quotes how arrogant these folks are. To do these piecemeal wouldn't feed their egos nearly enough.

    Leopards can't change their spots.

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