All you shallow morons

Whose advice to Brigid (or anyone else who has lost a companion of many years) is immediately to “get a puppy”, “get another dog”. etc….

You show your shallowness of spirit…

If you can be cheered up and your spirit healed a day after losing your companion of 10 or 15 years, one who has placed his or her trust in you and who has chosen you to be their human, that person they would guard with their life, who has comforted you and loved you unconditionally….who is never happier than when you return home…
Who sees you as you wish you were rather than as who you really are….

If you can be fixed with the acquisition of a new dog (or cat or whatever) in a day or two or three…

Then you are so shallow that I don’t think I want to ever meet you, and we certainly ain’t ever gonna be friends.

4 thoughts on “All you shallow morons

  1. Six years since I list my little guardian of 17 years, still haven't found one that could replace him. I second your thoughts.

  2. Don't get me wrong….I'll likely get another dog someday. Perhaps she will as well.

    But to get one the next day or even a week later? And a new puppy is gonna make you forget the loss of that wonderful companion in a short time? Yer gonna heal that fast?


  3. She is not sick, to the best of my knowledge, but my mutt is getting up there in years. Graying, slowing down, limping more. I dread the coming day when I will need to put her down (presuming I outlive her). I especially dread it for my wife.

    That will not be a good day.

    In the meantime I insist on doing what I swore I would never do on that day wife and daughters brought that puppy into the house. I walk her no matter the situation or the weather. I swore I wouldn't and the women swore they would. But they don't, I do.

    Through these recent weeks of cold and snowy weather I've been asked numerous times why I go out there in the cold and risk falling on the ice. Why not just let the dog out in the yard?

    Because the weather is not the dog's fault. My lies, and those of my womenfolk, are not the dog's fault.

    She needs her exercise the same as I need mine and "letting her out into the yard" does not give her what she needs. Certainly not for days on end – heck, weeks on end. I can get mine on the bike in front of the TV. She can't. Digging "habitrails" through the snow in the yard doesn't allow her what she needs. Only slogging with her, through the snow and over the ice, could get that done.

    I keep my vow to my bride because she is worthy of every bit of love I can muster, and then some. And she returns it all. I break my vow to the dog for the same reason, I suppose, as corny as that may sound. Dumbass mutt.

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