It occurs to me

That the basic conflict in Ukraine was that the “rulers” of the country felt that they could force obedience from the citizens….that they had the right to rule rather than govern.

Whereas the citizens felt differently…
That the government is a servant, not a master.

Think on this.
We have similar issues brewing here in the US. States rights, citizens rights, etc, versus government (and enslavement) by executive fiat or regulation.

We may well be heading in the same direction as Ukraine and it’s citizens find themselves in now.

What will we do?

One thought on “It occurs to me

  1. You are, perhaps, correct. I have no idea what the Ukraine is like or what the people there are fighting about. Each group doesn't like the other is all I know.

    But we are definitely living in a world where even our "elected" officials believe they are our masters rather than our servants. They have build themselves into an aristocracy with special rights and a disdain for the unwashed masses. Our own governments at most all levels, with some exceptions at very local levels perhaps, is this way.

    Then look at something like the EU. That's the Holy Roman Empire all over again except that Brussels is the new Rome. Talk about a bureaucratic aristocracy. Not even elected for the most part.

    And then there's the UN. Another bunch of unelected aristocrats developing rules and regulations for everyone else to live by while exempting themselves and giving each other fat pensions at early ages.

    And swarming around all these groups are the lobbyists. Industry groups, NGOs, every grievance committee anyone can dream up, all looking down their noses at the rubes who just want to go to work and live peaceful, somewhat comfortable lives.

    We are well and truly screwed.

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