Just in case you haven’t seen it:

You need to GO HERE and watch the video.

All you folks who think we need a “revolution”  to fix the United States….You need to watch and realize that should that happen, those people DYING might be you friends, neighbors, drinking buddies and brothers and sisters.

While I believe that the time may come when we DO have a conflict, I sincerely hope that it does NOT come to armed conflict between the State and the Citizens. No one will “win” that fight. It’ll be ugly. I’d prefer that we try all other avenues before we go there.

The above referenced video is 3 minutes long. You saw several people wounded and likely killed.

Will you have the balls of steel that those Ukranians had? Or will you run, or cower?

Or will you shoot back?

We, here in the US, have the advantage of the 2nd Amendment …which gives us the power to shoot back, to have close to parity with the government forces, if and when the time should come.

But it still won’t be pretty. People will still die…just in a more evenhanded manner. Them as well as us….In more equal amounts. But die nonetheless.

So watch….think. If you are eager for a revolution, think. Which of your friends or family will you choose to sacrifice?

3 thoughts on “Just in case you haven’t seen it:

  1. That, and there is no guarantee that the government that you get as a result will be any better than the one you just overthrew.

  2. Well let's all just wait till our kids have grown up in Tyranny and let them fight the revolution for us. Sound like a good plan to you? OK, go back back to complaining and whining, that is working out just swell.

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