A thought:

In a conversation last night, it was stated that “Police would never obey orders to disarm law abiding citizens just because some Government official said to”.

I laughed.

and laughed

and laughed.

Then I suggested he take a look at the aftermath of Katrina, where police officers from all across the country helped the local boys in blue keep “order”…..and part of that was the illegal searches and the illegal seizure of firearms…rifles, shotguns and pistols. All the while, looters took what they wanted from people unable to protect themselves form them.

All in the name of “Public Safety”.

Legally owned firearms.

That sobered him up a bit…He’s not so sure that the law will keep the Police at bay anymore.

Are you?

One thought on “A thought:

  1. Haven't been of THAT mindset since Katrina… Just sayin…

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