It won’t help, but they will do it anywy

And it is gonna make electricity costs increase by over 80%.

But the Obama Administration and the EPA don’t care what it costs you, they are going to decrease the carbon dioxide emissions no matter what.

(this despite the fact that Volcanoes and other volcanic emissions will produce 98+% more carbon than these new technologies (that don’t work) will save…and that the rest of the WORLD doesn’t use them.)

“Today’s hearing shed further light on how grossly underdeveloped CCS remains and revealed the staggering cost increases American consumers and manufacturers will face if future power plants are forced to operate under EPA’s inane regulations,” Sheehan said. “DOE and EPA are wasting valuable taxpayer dollars by pursuing policies that will do nothing to build economic confidence and create jobs but everything to drive up energy costs and put hardworking Americans out of work.”

But the science is settled.

It doesn’t matter how much your electric bill goes up, We MUST DO SOMETHING