So why do we let him get away with it?

As you all know, Barry once again changed the law by decree.

(I thought we “Couldn’t wait to act!”)

But the real question is that, since Obamacare is the law of the land…no matter how unpopular, WHY isn’t it being implemented according to the way the law was written? Why does our president get to decide how and when a law will be implemented and enforced? (Hint, he shouldn’t…read that Constitution thing that I am always talking about).

Isn’t that the job for the, you know, LAWMAKERS? (for those of you who were stoned during Civics class(or whatever they are calling it these days)), the Prez doesn’t have this power. The power to make, and change, laws is in the legislative branch…The congress and the Senate…NOT the prezident.

Why isn’t congress stopping him from doing so? (and let us not get into the inequally applied law)


Or has the NSA got enough on all of them after tapping their phones and reading their emails that they are willingly going along with Barry’s plans?

2 thoughts on “So why do we let him get away with it?

  1. They don't teach civics in school any more. They have changed it to "Social Studies" and nothing in it refers to how the government is supposed to work. Furthermore, in my last class (teaching med students) I had one student ask me what I had written on his paper and when I asked him if my writing was really that bed he replied that he had never been taught to read cursive. When asked, neither had 3 other students. So even if they get curious enough to wonder about the founding documents of the country, they won't be able to read them. Welkome to the new Amerika.

  2. This AND now if a small business reduces its workforce below 100 it has to prove it wasn't done to avoid Obamacare costs AND the DHHS are allowing subsidies and levying penalties in states which didn't create their own exchanges…in DIRECT contravention of language in the PACA bill explicitly forbiding that as a means to encourage states to create their own exchanges….to theprojected tine of $700B over 10 yrs……more than the advertised cost of Obamacare…..where does it end?

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