2.221% vs 13.08%

Or, to put it another way, 1 in 45W vs 1 in 8B

WTF am I talking about?

That is the percentage or ratio of people on welfare. 1 in 8 black people are on welfare, vs 1 in 45 white people.

Now, make no mistake, there are nearly as many white people on welfare as black people. But there are a lot more white people in this country, so as a percentage, the difference is if not frightening, at least impressive….and significant…..and, at least to me, frightening.

Read. Read the whole thing.

Draw your own conclusions.

I figured that since nearly everything I do, say or point out shows that I am a racist (according to some) that I have no reason not to post this observation.

I’d like to know, however, why pointing out failures, or bad behavior, or lack of class or adherence to the social contracts and such like is racist. Why expecting people, no matter what their race, to behave and to try to excel is racist. Why expecting the best from people is racist….Why not making excuses for them is racist.


Isn’t it even more racist and condescending to expect that people with an African ancestry can’t be civilized? That they can’t compete in the economic and social market? Isn’t lowered expectations for some racial groups even more racist and demeaning? To say that because you are darker than me you should be coddled and that we should make excuses for your behavior because we can’t expect you to be civilized because you have an excess of melanin compared to others in this country?

Oh, and taking the raw numbers at their face value, the total number of PEOPLE on welfare is frightening. And it doesn’t reflect well on our current government and their policies either.