So can anyone explain?

Can anyone explain to me exactly what happened in the deal with Iran regarding their nuclear program?

As far as I can see in the reports, there are no guarantees, no methods to keep them from enriching uranium. No destruction of the equipment that they already have to make bomb grade material.

And for giving us *nothing but promises* that we have little way to enforce, they get access to all that money we had tied up that they couldn’t use, and for a promise to do nothing for 6 months, we remove some trade sanctions.  We all know how much their promises are worth.

I’ll predict now that in 6 months they will have violated the terms of the “agreement” and will have resumed enriching uranium to beyond the 5% enrichment level needed to make reactor fuel, and will be moving towards 90% bomb grade levels….and all of those centrifuges will be operating again.

But they’ll have 6 or 7 BILLION dollars more to play with.

And we and the rest of the world will have nothing. Except the fear that Jihadist madmen are a few steps closer to having easily transportable weapons of mass destruction.

Thanks Mr Kerry. Good negotiating.

You ass.

2 thoughts on “So can anyone explain?

  1. Don't forget the "commission" Vietnam War Hero Kerry gets from Iran for helping them. I'm sure some of it will go a long way to the "Elect Hillary Project" hoping he can continue his public service in one way or another! Great isn't it?

  2. "I'll predict now that in 6 months they will have violated the terms of the "agreement""
    Won't even be 6 months. Taqqiya (sp) the muslim will always lie to the dhimmi.

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