Why we will never be friends:

So yesterday I had a business acquaintance ask me what I was doing Saturday (today) morning…

I replied that I was teaching an NRA course at my local range.

“I hear you can make a LOT of money doing that” he said.

“Nope, we do it for a very low price…the cost of the course materials only… and the instructors work for free.”

“Why waste a Saturday if you don’t get paid?” he asked.

I left as soon as I could. Not worth the time to explain to him that by teaching others for only the cost of the materials, I am paying back all those people who took the time 20-30-40 years ago to teach me, and set my feet on the path I walk today.

He’d not understand that I still owe a debt to some of those people….many of whom are dead of old age by now …So all I can do is pay it forward….continue the legacy. Honor their time by investing my own in the future.

He’ll not understand. And that is why he and I will never be friends.

*ETA: 24 new shooters and 3 old men who showed up looking for entertainment.  Class was 50 50 men and women, more or less. Several mother/daughter groups.

About half will take more training, most learned that firearms aren’t evil, bad,or dangerous all by themselves.I think everyone enjoyed themselves. A fair percentage will end up owning a firearm.

 24 “New Shooter Grins”…. I got paid. And I paid it forward.

Yeah…. another wasted Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Why we will never be friends:

  1. And people like that wonder why they are ignored by most everyone else other than sycophants.

  2. Sounds like time well spent to me. And that includes the time not wasted on those who will never understand.

  3. Agree with your rationale, and the sentiment behind it!!! There ARE other things that $$ for personal satisfaction!

  4. That is why I teach cub scouts…I am starting the next generation of shooters to keep the sport going. I understand why you are doing this.

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