If true, you’d better take the next two weeks to plan and prepare:

Some say that the Feds are gonna cut off EBT/SNAP.

I dunno.

If true, then things might get all…”sporty”. Especially in the higher density “Blue” areas.

I’d take the time to think about that, if I lived in or near such an area.

Then again it might just be disinformation.

But having a plan never hurts.

‘Cause a significant portion of our population will get upset if the free food runs out. They might not behave as you or I would….

5 thoughts on “If true, you’d better take the next two weeks to plan and prepare:

  1. Very interesting.

    On the one hand, you would think the libs would protect their base. On the other, stirring up their base to revolution- especially where people like you and I would have to defend our homes, thus creating a media circus against, us, our guns, and our poltics- would be very helpful to them. So I suggest we do the only thing they would never in a million years expect. When all those Snap people start starving, let's feed 'em. Great post, great links.

  2. Pancakes and Soup?

    Being the terrible person I am, I am not willing to spend a lot to feed parasites.

    Then, of course, they'll bitch because we aren't feeding them steak and such.
    Entitled, you know.

    Besides which, letting them know you have money to feed them isn't a good thing either.

  3. I choose never to act in a way my enemies think they can predict.

    I don't have money to feed anyone but me, but I can sure find ways to get people fed.

  4. A la og. It may not be the best food on earth, but my neighborhood- all of NWI, in fact- teems with food. A pile of questionable produce and relatively fresh roadkill still makes a damned fine stew. The point is not to do the thing the left expects you to do, thus playing into their hands, but to do the opposite. To amplify their lies so eventually even the embedded mainstream media has to report them.

    In "becket" becket tells henry to "Fight the cold with the weapons of the cold". Being naturally self effacing to a fault, I can counter any insult anyone flings at me by insulting myself even further- see Cyrano De begerac's famous speech- depriving them of their only weapon. Note how anxious they are to jump on the gun control wagon, even when, as recently, the "Threat" is an unarmed black woman driving a car with an infant on board.

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