Makes you wonder:

If you live in or near Chicago (or the State of Illinois, for that matter), you are generally aware how things work when the Government (State, County, and Local) spend money….

Someone, somewhere, gets a kickback. Usually the person who has the power to grant a contract….often without competitive bids, or that person provides enough information that the vendor of goods or services has inside info to tailor his/her bid to make sure that they are awarded the contract…maybe not in all cases, but in most. Or someones family member is given a “ghost” job that pays way more than the title for that job would suggest.

It is the “Chicago Way”. Been going on for years. There are rules as to how it works and how to do it legally, and most politicians are very careful to not get caught doing anything illegal. They may toe the line, but (with the exception of the past few Governors of Illinois) the line is never crossed.

Now we find out that the contract for the (totally unworkable) Healthcare.Gov website was granted WITHOUT ANY COMPETITIVE BIDDING. (and, likely no oversight either).

Barry matured in politics, tutored by the best Democratic Machine politicians in the area, in Chicago, as did many of his closest advisors…..Draw your own conclusions.

And whoever signed off on it won’t be fired, either. Betcha.

ETA: “I will finally end the abuse of no-bid contracts once and for all,”