Pants on fire.

NBC news tonight was FULL of stories about the soon to be reached Federal Credit Limit and the coming “default” of the US on its debt and the resultant armageddon which will happen worldwide shortly thereafter…..They suggested that everyone’s mortgage rates would go up, no one would be able to get a loan, etc.

Which is, of course, a lie.

The US may not be able to spend into the future devalue the dollar even further go farther into debt, but no matter what, it is law that the interest and other obligations MUST BE PAID.

And it will. Anyone who states differently is either ignorant of the law or, more likely, is a liar.

There may be severe spending cuts, but the US debt will be paid. Personally, I hope we reach the debt limit and start living on a balanced budget.

New mortgage rates may increase, and new loans may be a bit harder to get and my be more expensive, but old ones won’t increase until the end of their term…

Of course, it is more likely that the GOP will fold and allow a debt limit increase.