Yeah, that pretty much covers it

Wizard has the right of it.

For those of you who stand there and scream “SHallNotBeInfringed!!!!” Really, no one at Starbucks was or currently IS infringing.They chose to stay out of the fight. Let it be decided elsewhere while they sold coffee.

Really, all they are currently doing is trying to get the furor to wind down so that they can sell coffee and such. Nothing more.

They chose NOT to take a stand…which was, really a stand for our side. No banning of guns. No giving in to the anti gunners. Just no stand at all except “we follow state laws”. Nothing more.

This was a victory for our side. A win  Remember: Starbucks is private property.
But some dumbasses had to make a point and open carry a big hawgleg, or an AR into a place where they normally wouldn’t just to show that they could…and if it frightened some people, well, that’s ok too.After all, they point out, it worked for the gay folks 2o years ago…and the black people 50 years ago. But, boys and girls, this ain’t the same thing at all.

Now look: Really, the fact that Starbucks corporate chose not to take a stand was not only implicit support for all of us folks who carry, but was also opening them up to LOSING customers…the holophobes and the anti gunners. They are likely a significant portion of the Starbucks target demographic. And nothing we do is going to change their minds. But getting in their faces just makes them more vocal…. So Starbucks chose us over them…until some folks had to turn it up to 11 and get in peoples faces. And it backfired.

In addition, the fact that they welcomed us actually opened them up to significant liability if some bezerker asshole like the latest suicide-by-cop attention-seeking multi-murderer at the Naval Yard chooses a Starbucks for their last hurrah.

I’m not a big fan of Starbucks coffee, but I am glad that they chose to do what they did years before. They neither gained a customer in me, nor lost one.

Stop feeding the beast. Go if you like their product. Don’t (like me) if you prefer other purveyors of caffeine. If you do, be polite and cover up.

But don’t be a dick.