One thought on “Dont’t forget!

  1. I agree with you in the main thrust of your post, "don't be a dick". Concealed carry your piece and be polite.

    However, I think you give too much away with the blanket statement that Starbucks (or any other business) is private property. Once a business opens the door to public traffic, it is different than a private home. If a business says it won't serve minorities, or gays, or anyone wearing a symbol of a particular religion, we have rightly come to see that as discrimination and have said that Constitutional rights trump the beliefs and privileges of the business owner. Well, the 2nd Amendment is part of the Constitution as well, and my exercise of rights includes the right to bear arms. The same exact document that protects others protects me.

    Allowing businesses to limit my access while armed is no different than saying a business can tell blacks to come to the back door while whites are served at the counter.

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