End of the welfare state

In Holland, not here is the US.

Seems that Holland has decided that they must make a choice.

New society will be a “Participation Society“……Fewer freebies. Less gifts from the Government. Not just cuts to the military, but cuts to Big Government programs like Job Retraining…Cuts in Health Care (who coulda seen that coming?) and other social programs.

Good to see that at least one European government has the guts to make hard decisions. Now if only OUR federal government could grow the stones to do the same.

Any bets on how long it takes before the serfs sheep people toss them out of office?

2 thoughts on “End of the welfare state

  1. Kind of hard to tell people that they need to work for their money when you have spent your life as the country's most lavish welfare recipient.

  2. I'll bet the EU will level sanctions against them for bucking the commie trend they've go going there.

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