I’m not the only one expecting the worst.

Others expect real, damaging racially motivated (or at least using that as an excuse) riots after the courts find Zimmerman “Not Guilty” .

I only hope the short sighted DNC operatives who began this debacle and used the black churches, and media, and a poorly raised lower class young thuggish boy, to stir up voters…. feel that the price that it will extract from the country….the damage it will do to race relations (black to white and ESPECIALLY white to black) is worth it. That the re-election of Obama, and the resultant things like ObamaCare are worth the terrible price our relations with each other, our fellow citizens, will suffer…. Over a thug (and I don’t necessarily mean Treyvon Martin)

Worth setting race relations back 30+ years. Worth the hatred, the deaths that this will cause, the renewed discrimination as “those people” (actually probably only a very small segment, and a very poor one at that) do exactly what the haters and ignorant expect them all to do…. as they fit all the stereotypes.

All those strides towards equality….all those who have integrated themselves taken part in the American dream….shown that they are equal or better…all the trust that has been built up in the past 30 or so years….

It’ll be gone in an instant…… “cause the “black folk” will be judged by the lowest common denominator again for a generation or more.

They’ll again be seen as “Niggers” by so many. Again. For a generation. 

Hope Barry O. was worth it to the folks who orchestrated this.


“Hope and Change”, indeed. 

2 thoughts on “I’m not the only one expecting the worst.

  1. Maybe Congress can pass a law this week that says if you participate in a riot you waive your access to EBT cards for, say, 20 years.

    This might sound a bit harsh, but I, along with Mr. B and others, are paying these people to behave.

    The welfare programs help a few, but are mostly protection money to keep criminals from storming through our neighborhoods.

    Too harsh, Mr. B? If so, you may delete my comment.

    Comrade Karl

  2. Funny how you don't see Anglo-Americans upset to the point of threats over the racial epithets used by Martin.

    I am not sure if there will be problems but given this is summer time, school is out and there already have been disturbances; I don't think it will take much to kick things over.

    I also think more people will choose Korean Merchants then Reginald Denny this time.

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