I am sitting here, trying to figure out just exactly what Marco Rubio thought he was doing with his support of the “immigration bill”.

Besides destroying his political career, that is. And the country while he is at it.

What could induce a man who was a rising political star, whose name had been bandied about as a potential presidential candidate, to step on his wang so soundly? (While wearing golf shoes, at that)

His days as a respected Republican Senator are gone. Thrown away.

It’s one thing for an old man like McCain to fall into such a trap. He, really, has nothing to lose. He and his like-minded RHINO senators are older, and really have nothing to lose.

But not so, Rubio. He has everything to lose, and he is taking steps to throw it all away

It can’t be principle….this bill goes against everything his family was for, and negates everything they have to be proud of. All the successes and travails his family celebrated and endured to get to where they are today…truly an example of the American Dream.

So what was his motivation?  How can he betray the people who voted him in….how can he betray what his parents stood for?

Seriously, WTF?

And now there is a recall petition for him. Same as McCain and Flake in AZ.

Hope he is un-elected soon.

2 thoughts on “Inducement

  1. he is compromised. the "O" must have dug up sh!t on him and is blackmailing him.

    regardless rubio has proven to be a spineless traitor.

    he and the supreme court roberts might as well get married now that it is legal as per the disgraced court.

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