Why is it that racist words like “Nigger” (yeah, I said it….) are only racist when used by white people to describe a black person….?

And not when used by black peopleabout other black people.

Yet a word used in a derogatory manner, like “cracker” isn’t racist when used by a black person to describe a white person?

Why does the media absolutely hammer someone like Paula Dean for a comment she made nearly 30 years ago after being held at gunpoint, yet lets anyone who is black make any racist comment that they want with no consequences?

Why do we allow the meme that “Only white people can be racist” to exist at all, when there is constantly new evidence DAILY that this is not true?

Not all black people are racist. Nor all hispanics, nor all asians, nor all white people. But many of us are, to one degree or another…..and, generally the lower that person is on the socioeconomic scale, the more likely they are to be racist. It’s a sure bet that those who get government assistance as a lifestyle or are raised in a home with no father figure are.

But really, why the double standard? WHY?

Why is the use use of any racist terms by any one acceptable?  I realize that the liberal news media thinks that white people should be held to a higher standard…. because black folks can’t be expected to control themselves….whereas I, on the other hand, being white, and more civilized than the average black person (not what I believe, mind you, but most reporters (and liberals)  apparently do) should be expected to behave. But that the same level of civilization would be un-possible for most blacks, so liberals hold them to a lower standard.

Whereas I was raised to believe, and have (generally) found to be true, that civilization doesn’t happen at a genetic, racial level, but in how one was raised, and the behavior taught to, and expected of, one in the society in which he is raised. I see no color in this, no race…only upbringing. I hold each and every person I meet to the same standard, regardless of race. I call it being civilized (or not).

Sadly, liberals and newsy type folks (but again, I repeat myself) don’t believe the same way I do.

2 thoughts on “Question:

  1. IMHO, it is not that white people are to be held to a higher standard. It is to protect and enhance the idea that no ideas outside of "progressive" ideas are acceptable. It is to enforce censorship and to stop freedom of expression.

    It is to keep power over the dissemination of information in the hands of the MSM.

  2. Mostly I would say the elite are actually more racist than the lower social masses. They just have more choices and opportunities to hide their racism, at someone Else's expense. They make these one sided rules knowing others will have to suffer for them.

    As for why the nigger word is so one sided it is, as usual, because of the "ebil slayberry we forced on them" so it had more history of being a slang of oppression.

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