Effen I only had the time…

and, of course, the fat wallet,

Then I’d take a trip to Nebraska this coming September.

With a car hauler. A large one.

and a truck to pull it with.

and a really large wad of greebacks.

But I have neither the money, nor the time, nor the truck or car hauler.

But if you do, you should think about going to THIS auction. If, of course, you are into cars.

Virgin, unrestored, low (or no) mileage cars.

Partial list HERE

Come to think of it, my Dad does need another project……

I’m just sayin’

2 thoughts on “Effen I only had the time…

  1. Damn. I would like to go just to see that. That would be a n awesome road trip if I ever had TIME.

  2. If the hauler is free afterwards, I'm game for a Yuengling run to PA. 🙂

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