DOMA is Dead..

And, actually, good riddance.

It was a Poorly written, half assed piece of legislation. Done nearly as poorly as the proposed anti-gun stuff was in the wake of the Newtown tragedy. And, actually, the case that decided it was an IRS issue.

The destruction of this legislation is actually, a restoration of States rights. It’ll be used as a precedent for many following cases.

If only we had a politician who would have the guts to stand up and say that the State has no business in the marriage business….but only in the legal recognition of partners for legal reasons. The business of “Marriage” belongs to the churches and other organizations….It is not up to the state to sanctify or bless your union, only to recognize it.

But our politicians, none of them, have the intestinal fortitude.

One thought on “DOMA is Dead..

  1. Doma was written as bad law so it could be struck down and enamour the LGBT community to democrats. Who wrote, passed, and signed the bill? Democrats.

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