Too tired to think…But:

Blogging is failing as my workload grows. I really don’t have much brain left to do any real blogging lately, and I hate just linking everyone else’s stuff.


It would appear that we, those of us who believe in freedom, are winning the small battles against tyranny.

Yet I fear that we are losing the war.

Ever encroaching government, ever invasive organs of the State, A leader who is, essentially, unrestrained be either the congress or the courts. Are we really that powerless that we cannot stop this?

Or is it apathy?

I’m not sure that it isn’t just apathy in our general population. Yes there are those of us who are active, to some extent, but unless we motivate our fellow citizens, we aren’t gonna stop this shit.

In fact, if we cannot even get motivated as we did for the whole “gun control” debate, we are gonna lose. It is gonna take that kind of energy for each and every time to win.

I don’t know if we can keep up that kind of fight for long enough.

What say you?