All of you idiots that support Obama’s (but I repeat myself) new push to stop generating electricity with coal:

If you really believe that coal is so bad for the environment, then I fully expect you to use 42% less electricity starting right now.

Yep. 42%.

Since it is summer, I guess you could start by shutting off that air conditioning unit. That’ll take a big chunk right there. You won’t sleep as well, and you will sweat a lot more, but hey, it’s fr a good cause, right?

But you need to do more than that. Cut 42% of every months bill. Shut off your TV, your stereo, your computer. Use your cell phone 42 % less.

Drink 42% less Starbucks (what, you didn’t realize that the water for that latte was heated by electricity?) stop buying groceries too…at least some of the ones that require refrigeration……

Use your furnace 42% less too. (hey, you can always wear a sweater). I know your apartment will be cold, but hey, 42%…coal!

If you have an electric stove, only heat your food for 58% of the normal temperature.

Wear your clothes 42% longer. Yeah, you’ll smell, but hey, gotta use less electricity, right? Coal is bad, remember? And you only get 42% less showers too. Hygiene is less important that banning coal powered electric…right?

Your apartment is gonna be 42% darker too.

Your whole life is powered by electricity…so now you get to enjoy it 42% less.

Or you are a hypocrite.But we already know you were, right?

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  1. Why is it conservatives who actually walk the walk and talk the talk are shat upon.

    Case in point, GW's home here in Texas, vs Al Gore's palace in Tennessee.

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