Or you could stick to

Being conservative

Rather than trying to change your message.

Conservatives (who don’t say stupid things, or things which the press can twist to make them look stupid) are generally elected, at least at the state level. Likely it’ll be the same at the national level.

We don’t know if Conservatism will work on a national level, because WE HAVEN’T TRIED TO FOR THE LAST FEW ELECTIONS. We have put forth a weasel, a wishy-washy mouthpiece, a RINO. An old man who no one believed in and a “conservative” from the East Coast. Truthfully, Romney as a Massachusetts “conservative” was less conservative than most “liberals” from the midwest….

If the RNC really wants to elect someone, then they need to recruit and support a true conservative. A man or woman who has morals, and standards, and who will appeal to the people who make this country work…who pay taxes and get the job done. Not a person who will appeal to the union robots faithful, not to the radical liberals (who won’t vote for a republican anyway) and not to the inner city entitlement crowd (who know where their bread comes from).

Nope, give people a clear choice and many, if not most, of the middle 30-40% will vote for the conservative.

But we haven’t given them anyone like that, have we?

They trot out the Rubios and the Cruzes and the Jindals at election time as spokesmen, but they don’t encourage or support them to run for higher office. And until they do, they’ll always lose.

And so will we. 

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  1. Good points and well said. I agree with you on the 'true' conservative!

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