things you learn, part 459.3 (&1/2)

Sunday afternoon, I learned:

If you take 1/8th (or less) of a one ounce tube of Never-Seize and let it loose in the bottom of your toolbox on your truck, then drive for a while…..

Said small amount of Never-Seize will then spread itself over each and every surface inside said toolbox…in the attempt to make itself one molecule thick. It even climbed up the sides of the box and the lid.

It took 3 cans of carburetor cleaner and 2 hours and untold rags to make the tools and the box somewhat clean.

3 thoughts on “things you learn, part 459.3 (&1/2)

  1. The little tubs with the applicator brushes in the lid? They hold even more than the tubes. Just sayin.'

  2. Try prussian blue. I swear you could float a battleship in a drop of the stuff, it seems to go on forever.

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