So with Gun Control on the rocks

and the banners/gungrabbers/ Gun Control adherents all upset about their Failure to Launch anywhere except in New York….

I cannot help but wonder where the next tragedy including a gun, a mental patient (likely a Democrat, is there a connection?), and a crowded gun free zone will occur.

Gotta have blood for them to dance in, and gotta have dead bystanders (preferably kids) in order to have something for them to DO SOMETHING.  Kinda hard on the victims, but someone has to be sacrificed for the Greater Good.

How are they gonna get a chance to remove the rest of your rights if they can’t get that pesky Second Amendment out of the way?

Malls and movie theaters didn’t get the people riled up enough, there apparently weren’t enough victims and apparently a school full of Childrenz didn’t do it either either….

Expect something soon. Try not to be where it happens.

You heard it here second.

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