Write or call: Turn up the heat. Once one goes….

the others will follow. Just like the avalanche that happened at the Eastern Outdoors show. 

Dear Sirs:

I am a fan of Sig-Sauer pistols. Currently I own a 250 in 9mm, a 238, a 938 and a 1911-22. I own many other makes and brands as well. I purchase 3-5 firearms per year. 
As you are no doubt aware, the State of New York has passed new laws which drastically limit the types of firearms which law abiding citizens of that state can purchase, and greatly restrict their freedoms. There is a boycott underway of firearms manufacturers and suppliers which limits sales to law enforcement to those items which can be purchased and possessed by  every citizens of the state. 
I strongly urge you to join this boycott of sales to NY state, county and local law enforcement personnel of firearms which would be illegal for non law enforcement citizens to own. 
I realize that there is a large market for not only firearms, but also parts and services supplied to these law enforcement departments, but I urge you to consider the restrictions placed on the other market, the citizens of the state who also purchase your products. 
Take a stand. Announce that you will not continue to seek contracts to supply firearms or magazines to law enforcement in the state of New York which cannot be purchased nor owned by any common citizen. Join the boycott. 
It would be a shame for me to not be able to purchase, for reasons of principle, any more Sig-Sauer firearms. 
This was sent to Sig-Sauer. 
SIG Sauer

(I don’t own any S+W firearms, but if you do, you might want to send them a letter:


And then there is GLOCK. Again, I don’t own any, but they will, along with S+W, be getting a letter. 


H/T to Greylocke for the addresses and such