Lying liars and their lies

We have to release illegal immigrants NOW because we will soon have to make hard choices on spending……

Much like we will supposedly have to shut down the USDA meat inspectors(and therefore the meat packing plants) because it is more effective as a terror tactic to do so than to furlough the management staff.

Same with the Air Traffic Controllers. Or the FAA. Or the parks. Or other departments.

Seems that they can’t find some way to save 2.5% of their budget. The budget that grew from 2.9 trillion in 2008 to 3.8 trillion in 2011. But  these assholes can’t find a way to save 80 billion.

The Obama administration, congress and the rest of the government would rather shut down “essential services” than cut spending.

We should throw them all out. Time for the pitchforks and the ropes and a map of handy lampposts.

They think cuts and such are beneath their dignity? How much dignity will you have when the torches and ropes come out?

If they can’t cut spending to prove a point, or to get their way, then they have abrogated their oath as senators, congressmen, and president. At which time we need to toss ’em out. With prejudice if need be.

(image courtesy of  stolen from BRM {cause it shows better than anything else how foolish this fight is})

Perhaps this is why they can’t find any cuts that will work….

One thought on “Lying liars and their lies

  1. It would have been a lot cheaper, if they would have released them on the proper side of the border.

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