Watch the GOP fold


They’ll give up another of your rights, all to “get along”.

Registration is a step towards confiscation. Ask the Germans prior to WWII.

“Democrats say that keeping records of private sales is necessary to enforce any new law”

The GOP will not even bother to get something else in the negotiation as they give away our gun rights.

You stupid bastards need to stand fast and say “HELL NO”.

If you have to negotiate, then get something in return. Say a repeal of GCA 1968.  Something.

Don’t just roll onto your back and spread your legs, Senators. Fight.

One thought on “Watch the GOP fold

  1. The Germans didn't learn a thing. Germany is in the process of implementing gun registration again. I couldn't believe what I was reading. I try to explain the same thing to some coworkers. People have a hard time connecting the back ground checks to gun registration or understanding why gun registration is bad. Apparently alot of politicians are just as ignorant.

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