20+ people killed…. many of them children

The press is in full “We must have an assault weapon ban!”mode.

As I watch, CBS is discussing the “large caliber .223 assault weapon with high capacity magazine” firearm used in the shooting (then they state that this is unconfirmed).

I cannot wonder, again, if this is not planned and executed as a means of further enacting gun control by demonizing these weapons in the minds of the public.

I find the thought that I can consider this of my politicians and other leaders to be disturbing.

Yet, it is true. I cannot discount my suspicion that some people could help perpetrate such a tragedy to gain their ends.

More details may change my mind. We really don’t know enough to decide anything yet.

My prayers are with the families and survivors.

3 thoughts on “Tragedy

  1. I know if Eric holder's fingerprints are not all over this, it is because he's gotten very good at wiping them off.

  2. Truly sad, and I just cannot believe anyone would purposefully shoot children… Just cannot…

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