Interesting (Conneticut school shooting)

The early reports of the shootings were, obviously, confused. Much was said which was wrong, or only a part of the picture, or was confused or mixed up.

However: at approximately 3:00 pm Central, CBS (national) had an eyewitness state that there had been two shooters, and one of them had killed himself. When asked about the other shooter, he stated “he’s locked up in that car over there” (or words to that effect) pointing to a cluster of police cars.

Now reports are that the shooter was all alone, and there were no accomplices. That it was the disturbed son of a teacher.

Odd…. I was sure that I had witnessed the CBS broadcast, yet I cannot find that portion now. I was wondering if my memory was faulty….Apparently that clip went down the memory hole….

Others (see comments) noticed this as well.

This could be poor reporting in the rush to get something out on the air, but I don’t think so. I saw what I saw, and heard what I heard.

If what I am thinking has happened, and what I am suspecting has been perpetrated, then someone is a very evil person. If it is possible that one deranged man would do this, then is it not possible that several deranged (yet seemingly normal)people might make such a tragedy incident happen in order to further their agenda?

There were similar issues over the reporting of the Aurora shooting in the movie theater. two people became one shortly after the situation “clarified”. Yet the reports were clear at first, then disappeared.  Discrepancies are still not explained in the reports from that incident.  Handlers? helpers? Controlling a crazed and or drugged patsy? ?

I hate to sound like a conspiracy nut. But really, that does not preclude the possibility that there is a conspiracy. 

Could people really be that evil?

ETA: and now it seems the (current) reporting (via the Medical Examiner) is that the majority of the wounds were from the “Assault Rifle” found IN THE CAR after the fact, rather than one of the 2 pistols found with the body of the perpetrator. Interesting that the shooter had the time to carry the rifle to the car and carefully stow it in the trunk before returning to the scene and painting the walls with his brain.

Strange. I know I sound like a broken record here, but the “coincidences” keep piling up. Can a rational person not wonder?Especially after watching the Sunday morning “news” shows, all promoting “gun control” so heavily in the wake of the shooting?


Kid eyewitness
ABC news

Bad reporting? I dunno. Why would the kid make the statement that he did? Yeah, I know this is tinfoil hat stuff. But still. Makes ya wonder.

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  1. The way the media reports stuff like this smacks of cover ups and distortions. Just look at the lies that were reported about the Libya and the 'Fast and Furious' stories.
    I do no doubt that at the very least someone is approving what 'facts' are reported. But I could be wrong.

  2. Which are you going to believe; You're lying eyes? Or Authorized Journalists?

  3. The lap dog media will take anything the FBI, CIA or any other law enforcement tells them, I saw yesterday that the Bushmaster was found by the body, completely changing the original narrative. The sheeple will sit and lap up anything the MSM says as fact……..

  4. No wounded survivors. Government involved, as it was in "Fast & furious"? The previous shootings weren't ginning up enough emotion for you, Barack Insane Obama? You had to run another black op?

  5. More an more of us are coming to believe the worst about these things. I understand suicide clusters and all that, but some of this is straining my credibility.

  6. Last article I'd read said a shotgun was locked in the car and he had the rifle + 2 handguns on him. Not that I trust the MSM.

  7. The po-po shows up first and the media shows up second. (Usually. Sometimes it's reversed.)

    Anyone they talk to is an "eyewitness".

    "That guy over there!"
    "OMG, Suzy's sister says her boyfriend says he saw three guys run by over there!"
    "I can't tell, it was so dark and smoky, but he went that way! And he had a machine gun!"

    The police have to follow up EVERY lead. If a panicking six-year-old points at you, you're going in the back of the patrol car until everything's sorted out.

    If a teacher's assistant says her friend in the teacher's lounge says she heard the police found a machine gun in the trunk, WQXI is going to put it on the air, lest WIXQ beat them to the scoop. Then NBC repeats it nationally.


    I believe the guy who picked the bullet fragments out of the dead children before some guy on Infowars who got his first-hand information from CNN,


    So we wait until the story is spun "correctly"? Until the "facts" are properly presented to the masses in order that the "proper" conclusions will be drawn?

    See also: Oswald's "Magic Bullet".

    Not saying you are wrong. In fact, I hope you are right. But I cannot help but wonder how much of what we are told is really the truth.

  9. "So we wait until the story is spun "correctly"? Until the "facts" are properly presented to the masses in order that the "proper" conclusions will be drawn?"

    No, you wait until the actual facts and physical evidence have been gathered, rather than rumors, supposition, and hysterical BS. "Eyewitness testimony" is the least reliable thing in the world because the human brain is always so ready to lie to itself.

    Judging by what I've heard from the physical evidence so far, it will be interesting to see if there's video from the school entrance and what it shows. If the initial reports of the gun being in the trunk are accurate, then I'll be it shows Adam head to the parking lot to drive elsewhere, dithered (perhaps heard sirens?) then went back inside and suck-started a pistol.

  10. Since the "tin-hats" squad has been referenced, I offer this which includes supposed police dispatch recordings and other video witnesses to the others caught at the scene…. it also references the .223 magically changing locations….

    the story has been changed

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