Fixing union violence

When the protests were happening in Lansing, Michigan, there sere some innocent bystanders caught up in the melee.

Now, on the one hand, the viewpoint of the union thugs protesters is that it is a binary solution set. There are those who agree with the union viewpoint, and those who don’t. I am sure that in the mind of the protesters, anyone associated in any way with the opposition viewpoint was fair game. Mr Tarver was hired to hand out hot dogs by the opposing side, American For Prosperity.

This is, sadly, not true. Were it, then I would have the ability to trash the homes and property of every owner that displays “Proud Union Home” on their front lawn. I don’t have that right. No one does. They have a right to belong to a union, and their choice should not enable or justify others to do violence against them for their choices.

The union members protesting the choice of the people’s representatives to allow free and open workplaces (rather than forcing people whose workplaces may or may not have a union which claims to represent everyone from joining said union) felt, with justification, that they could get away with such public violence. (Why they do get away with it is another discussion, for another time).

Sadly, the individuals who perpetrated this sort of violence will, indeed, likely find that there are no consequences to their actions. This will likely continue until the rest of us have had enough and decide to take our gloves off and confront the bullies and make them understand that their actions will not be tolerated. Until they find out that being part of a union has negative consequences for their daily lives. Luckily for them, the rest of us are better behaved than they are.

Having said that, I am proud that the rest of the citizens of the city and state (and, in fact elsewhere) chose to help Mr. Tarver (who was just trying to make a decent living) recover from the damages wrought by the union thugs and bullyboys proud Union members that day.

Having had my own experiences with threats of violence from people who think that just because they were members of a union they could dictate terms on a jobsite, and having a friend who brought this current incident to my attention (and who, for her own reasons (violence, lies, and threats), felt that she should not blog about this) I felt that I should bring this to your attention. She (and I) have donated (anonymously) a few bucks to help Mr.Tarver recover from this. I hope, in fact, that the donations are more than his losses, so that he can expand his business, and stick a finger in the eye of the unions and their members who showed their character that day.

If you feel like it, and have a buck or two to spare, think about donating. Stick a finger in the eye of the thugs.

ETA: some good commentary on the incident HERE

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