I gotta wonder

The mall shooting near Portland has striking similarities to the Aurora shootings.

Face mask, “Assault weapon” (specifically an AR) and body armor. Hmmm. One wonders

Name of shooter currently (as of posting) withheld.

Weapon jammed.

All, strangely, details also in the Aurora CO shooting. With a mask, no one can be sure who was actually doing the shooting…..


If one were a suspicious type of person, who sees conspiracies in such things, one might wonder.

Especially in light of the Fast and Furious debacle. I have wondered if the Aurora shooter was also supposed to wind up dead as well.

Interesting witness quotes:

“I couldn’t count because they were going off so quick,” Referring to the speed of the shots

 “He looked like a teenager wearing a gun, like a bullet-proof vest and
he had a machine, like an assault rifle and a white mask and he looked
at me,” she said.

One might wonder if they (the witness statements) were scripted…… If one were willing to see things like that. 

How many eggs must the gun grabbers break in order to make that omelet? Just wondering….

I’d bet that there is legislation waiting in the wings. Legislation to restrict the possession of AR (or “high capacity” “assault weapons”.   Already at hand….Just a coincidence, of course.

Look: I am not making light of this tragedy. But the coincidences keep piling up.
And I don’t trust our government not to lie to us, nor manipulate us, nor to protect our freedoms.

ETA: I am not the only one who sees this.

3 thoughts on “I gotta wonder

  1. Just because you're paranoid . . . it'd doesn't mean someone isn't after you . . . . 🙂

  2. "And I don't trust our government not to lie to us, nor manipulate us, nor to protect our freedoms. "

    On the contrary. I EXPECT our government AND its minions to lie to us, to manipulate us, and destroy our freedoms in the so called holy name of Public Welfare.

    Time we started pushing back.

  3. And again a VERY restrictive town… And something is fishy with supposedly 60 rounds fired and only ONE dead? And minimal wounded???

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