So it is ok if you are with the government

But not if you are a private citizen…

Seems that the ATF doesn’t like it when citizens step on their turf and sell weapons and ammo to Mexicans.

So all I have to do to be exempt from laws (especially federal firearms laws) is to get a government job?

Look: I don’t doubt that this is illegal, immoral, and just plain wrong. But if you are going to charge anyone with this crime, then you should charge everyone who does it with the crime. Especially the “Conspiracy” part. Especially with Holder and the management of the ATF.

Were I them, I’d argue that if they are charged, then it violates the Fourteenth Amendment.

ETA: I mean, the Feds set the precedent, right? They even give special treatment to some managers who do this sort of thing (HT Instapundit)

One thought on “So it is ok if you are with the government

  1. That would be an interesting case to follow, wouldn't it?

    Unfortunately, no federal judge is even going to allow that motion to be heard outside of chambers, much less grant it.

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