Sometimes you can, Same people are able to forgive, even the murder of a parent.

Me, I’d keep the hate alive, and find the skills and the means to hunt down each and every one of the slimy motherfucking murdering bastards. Starting with the murderer Lon Horiuchi and working up through his masters bosses, and then, if there I were still able, to all of his co-workers that were there for the siege and the coverup.

Yeah, I know that the family got 3+ million dollars, and likely just wants to get on with their lives and that revenge won’t bring Vicki Weaver back….But it’d sure as hell make the next guy think before he acted. While I am not advocating it, I want to point out that having dead feds would be a lesson for the rest to behave properly. Institutional memories and all that you know…

It’s about time that it happens again…the folks at Ruby Ridge are all mostly retired, and that leaves the next generation of agents, which has not seen the horror, ready to abuse the citizens they are supposed to serve.

Forgiveness will not prevent that.

I think I’ll go dig out my copy of Unintended Consequences and re-read it.