at least THEY have standards

Seems that Pensacola Fla police officers actually can do things to get themselves fired, unlike many departments….

Look: I know it is a tough job, and you generally deal with the worst third of our citizens. I understand that many of the folks you deal with are drunks, druggies, thieves, whores, or all of the above.

But if you can’t “not go there” or if you think that this sort of behavior is ever justified, then you shouldn’t be a cop. If you just choose to say nothing if you know that a fellow officer is acting like this, or is escalating his behavior until he is likely to, then you are part of the problem. Saying nothing, or establishing the “Blue Wall” does nothing to earn you respect among the citizens.

I am glad to see that police can be fired for something other than a pile of drugs in their garage, or a dead hooker in the trunk or a live boy in their home. Now if it would just become contagious….if all the other police departments could catch this issue.

2 thoughts on “at least THEY have standards

  1. Yep, bout damn time SOMEBODY got fired for their actions!

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