I got nuthin’ to add here

He’s right.

Something to think about, if and when.

What are you gonna bring to the party? ‘Cause the one at my house, if and when, is gonna be a BYOB sort of thing….

4 thoughts on “I got nuthin’ to add here

  1. I've got five 300 pounds of grain, salt, sugar and wheat flour stored in nitrogen, ammo and a couple AR's.

    But I appreciate you saying I could come up in the event with just Barkley and a box of biscuits. You're family to me and that means a lot.

  2. The thing is, you would never just show up and expect to be taken care of, armed, and fed. You'd show with whatever you could. Likely a lot….

    The only way you would show up with nothing is if that was the only way you could get out….Fast and lean.

    There are some folks who I have suggested might want to prep who have stated "I'll just come to your house". THey get upset when I suggest that showing up empty handed will result in them leaving empty handed.

    They expect that someone will take care of them. It just won't be me.

  3. I have a specific name for people that show up at my house looking to be fed and protected because they couldn't bother to be prepared. I call them "Dinner"

  4. I this hear type of response almost everytime I suggest to folks they do some type of preparation ,we'll come to your house. I do not inform them they will not be welcome but it stops the conversation immediately from my side. I hope they get the drift. I have done what I can with the resources I have available, more could certainly be done but there are limitations. Hoping I get to eat my stores in my old age.

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