20 years go….

The government began to be open about it’s intent to dominate the citizens, and to ignore the Constitution, and hold it’s minions to no accountability.

They had been doing for a while, but it was HERE that they chose to bring their tactics out into the open.

People who, by any measure, murdered the accused, are running around free in your country, with the excuse that they were “just following orders“.

Interesting how the Germans Nazis were treated vs the FBI/ATF folks, innit?

There should have been murder trials, and death sentences handed down for those folks who killed the Weavers.

Never forget, never forgive. Never trust any agent of the Government. His/her motivation is likely not yours.

The shame is that we, as a nation, let them get away with this atrocity. That we paid for the overwhelming response to what was, at best, a $200 tax issue (in reality, it was for defying an agent of the ATF). Millions of dollars wasted spent to apprehend a guy who was accused of selling a firearm that was 3/8 of an inch too short. Millions of our dollars which were, essentially, used to cover some foolish agent’s (and their superiors) butt. To make the accused the demon rather than the actual agents criminals.

And we are still paying these people’s salary (or retirement) today, rather than for their detention.