Due process?

What due process?

Dude expressed an opinion on his Facebook page. Maybe a bit radical, maybe what others might perceive (if they squint real hard) as a threat. But was there any real threat?

And gets, not only arrested, but incarcerated.

No due process, no trial., no bond. Held against his will until the agents of the state say he is OK, and he is taught to not say things which people find offensive. .

What happened to the First Amendment?

This could be you, or me, or anyone who has an opinion that the State doesn’t like. I actually don’t agree with much of what he has said, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to say it…Or is it only things which the State’s minions agree with which are acceptable?

Soon he’ll be given anti-psychotics and sent to a reeducation camp counseling.

Look: Facebook may not be the appropriate forum, but the dude does have the right to free speech. And the right to not be held against his will unless the State can prove that he is a threat, having the means and motivation and INTENT. Can they prove he does have these things? If so, bring him to trial. Or let him go. 30 days? Really? How about all those SEIU/AFSCME/AFL-CIO folks who advocated violence….Gonna pick them up too?

Half the blogs I read, and this one, have published things which the State might find offensive.

When “they” come for me, are you gonna speak up? How about the next guy, and the next, and the next….Until they come for you and there is no one to speak for any of us?

Hey, it’s been nice knowing you.

To my fellow bloggers:
I’ll save a spot on the bench in the camp so you have someplace to sit when they bring you in too. Bring beer if they’ll let you.


Update: It appears that the justice system (even under Eric Holder) actually works, (if slowly).

(better story HERE)

When he is released, he should sue each and every person involved. And, if nothing else, use the governments own tactics against them, and tie them up in court and cost them money, even if he has no chance of winning due to any immunity clauses. (not that they should apply here anyway, but that is another fight for another day) I’d donate a few bucks to THAT legal fund.

3 thoughts on “Due process?

  1. I agree that it was a complete farce that he was nabbed by Feds and local cops and tossed into the psych ward at the local hospital without even a "by your leave?".

    There's some good news for Brandon Raub, though. He appeared in front of a judge today for his appeal on the psychiatric commmitment. Judge tossed it out completely with some REALLY strong words for the local cops. Seems that they didn't even bother to write in the allegations on the petition that they used as justification for his being grabbed and locked away.

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