Because, after all, only police should have guns…..

Even the Times covered it.

Had this been a concealed carry holder doing his thing as a private citizen, wounding 9 (nine!) bystanders, the hue and cry would be incredible. The private citizen would be castigated and likely charged.

But it was cops…who “had no choice” and who were “heroes”. Who wounded (and/or killed) 9 bystanders.

Nice shooting there, boys.

One thought on “INteresting

  1. These bozos should loose their jobs and be held liable for a performance that was far from professional. Their absolute first obligation is to the safety of the public. The fact that they could not shoot worth a $H!T is grounds for termination. This incidents shows once again that those supposedly committed to the public safety's only practical function is absorbing of tax dollars at an alarming rate. Both the Chief of Police and the Mayor should be charged with dereliction of duty for allowing such poorly trained officers on the street.

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