blood dancing:


What are the stats on officer involved shooting with inured (by the police) bystanders vs concealed carry shooters with innocents shot (by the CCL holder)? How about shots fired vs shots hitting the intended target?

I tried, but was unable to find even a hint. Which bummed me out, ’cause I wanted to see who is more dangerous to be around, if and when.

Anyone? Bueller, Bueller? (Linoge, perhaps?)

Enquiring minds want to know.

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  1. As a former police officer, I can tell you that many cops cannot shoot worth a damn. Our department (San Diego PD) let officers shoot all the practice ammo they cared to shot, for free, at our range. You wouldn't be amazed by how few took them up on the offer.

    In the locker room at Northern Division, I remember seeing one guys' duty revolver stuck in his holster, with green corrosion glueing it to the leather from having not been taken out of that holster in over a year. When we shot for qualification (only three times a year back then (1980's)), it was at fifteen yards, and quite a few couldn't even qualify the first time around (they were given several tries).

    These days, the people that get hired are "us vs them" types who think it is cool to shave their heads – like "skinheads" – and wear black leather gloves. Cops who think nothing of shooting your dog, or SWATting some innocent guy like Jose Guerena or Erik Scott. So, why would they worry about a few civilians turning into collateral damage?

    Here is another take on a related topic that should lend some credence to preferring a civilian response to a police response:

  2. Barron tells me there was once a study done about this, but he could not find the link again.

    Everyone's seen the numbers regarding immediate self-defense versus waiting for the cops, but this is a little different. Honestly, I would be very surprised if it was terribly easy to find out how many people have been negligently wounded/killed by police, but I cannot think of very many at all due to concealed carriers…

  3. This shooting was wrong all around. You can't be a trained professional just qualifying once or twice a year shooting at paper targets. This is exactly why the military does training in high stress environments.

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